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Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 25

Well, we prefer you stay away from any and all cuts! Cuts and lacerations injuries comprise roughly 10% of workplace injuries, but there are easily implemented strategies to reduce the risk. See how you can set the scene at work to prevent cuts and lacerations all together.

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 24

Well, we prefer you stay away from any and all cuts! Cuts and lacerations injuries comprise roughly 10% of workplace injuries, but there are easily implemented strategies to reduce the risk. See how you can set the scene at work to prevent cuts and lacerations all together.

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 23

Injuries are reduced one step at a time, especially when it comes to ladder safety. It can come even easier to you and your workforce when you keep Work Right’s acronym ‘PREPARED’ in mind. Take a look at these helpful insights into ladder safety, because the view is always better at the top!

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 22

Sometimes injury prevention is about getting in the right rhythm. This week, we’ll help you find your groove with a curated collection of invaluable resources, exercises, and tips that will keep your mid-back feeling in sync. From strengthening to stretching, we’ve got you covered!

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 21

In the industrial setting, we’re no strangers to diving headfirst into our tasks. But here’s the thing: true success and peak performance require more than just physical strength. How do we expect our  bodies to keep up when our brains are running on empty? This week, we delve into the mental benefits gained when we prioritize self-care.

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 20

When allergies strike, it can feel like your head is a lead-filled balloon ironically floating away at a greater speed than your brain can comprehend. While this sensation is no fun for your sinuses, it’s also not a great place for your mental health either. What’s this link between allergy season and mental health? The answers are coming ACHOO! in this week’s Digest.

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 19

Continuing our theme on Mental Health Awareness, we em-bark on a topic for your head and your heart – fur real! The pawsome news this week for industrial athletes involves unleashing the mental health benefits of pet ownership. Perk up those ears and check meow’t!

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 18

New month, new theme. And, for Mental Health Awareness Month we’re tackling a serious issue right off the bat. Take a look as we work to break the stigma around mental health and the ever-present issue of suicide prevention.

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 17

For this month’s Body Part Resource highlight, Work Right is showcasing our resources to help you prevent elbow injuries and keep your arms swinging strong. From stretches, exercises, and educational materials, Work Right has you covered to keep your elbows in top form – we try to keep it a little humerus too!

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 16

In a world where work and personal lives have become increasingly intertwined, finding a healthy balance in the devices we use to keep us organized can be a daunting task. We’re faced with a different kind of injury prevention and safety, as well. Smartphones. Tablets. Laptops. How can we keep accounts and devices safe to put ourselves in the best place to prevent cyberattack injuries? Check it out in this week’s edition of the IA Digest!

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 15

As we discussed last week, taking time for yourself away from work can benefit you physically and mentally. What do you do to recharge? This week, we examine a popular outlet for recharging and stimulating our brains away from work – video games!

What can this Power-Up Effect mean for you and work performance? Check it out in this week’s Digest.

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 14

New this month, Work Right dives into the topic of finding the right balance between our work and personal lives. One easy solution to try this week? Take a break and step outside.

Join us in the great outdoors in this edition of the Digest and unplug to recharge!

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 13

As we wrap up our Good Vibes Only theme in the month of March, Work Right highlights the body part that can spread the most positive vibes! Whether it’s a high-five, some finger guns, or a shaka hand gesture to point out a job well done, our fingers and hands play a large role in our day-to-day tasks. Keep them safe and injury-free with these tips!

Newsletter Vol 9. Issue 12

Small, incremental, and simple ecologically-friendly behavior changes in the way we live and work can have a dramatic cumulative impact. Plus, the change can have positive health benefits for us too!

Read more in this week’s newsletter by clicking and downloading from the links below. 

Newsletter Vol 9. Issue 11

Laughter has the ability to improve your mood. Nothing can quite better your attitude like a good joke – but what else is it good for? Work Right’s resident comedian, Omar Fercha, dives into the positive psychological benefits of laughter in this week’s newsletter.

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 10

Good physical and mental health are pillars to building a healthy lifestyle, but what about an added layer for your consideration? Read on to find the usefulness of strong relationships as a cornerstone to making you happier, healthier, and live longer.

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 9

If you’ve been looking ahead at Work Right’s themes for 2023, you may have seen March’s topic and wondered, “What does that mean?” Wonder no more! Work Right’s Aaron Weidman teaches us all about these good vibes and what they can mean for your workforce.

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 8

Each month, the IA Digest dives into a different body part to provide an exhaustive look at strategies to reduce risks for injury. Before February ends, take the weight off your shoulders and look no further for preventative tips and tricks to keep your workforce free from shoulder aches, pains, and injuries.

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 7

Continuing our February topics on the importance of heart health, Work Right’s Medical Director, Dr. Caleb Patee, gives a look into leveling expectations after a cardiac event and how it can impact an industrial athlete.


Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 6

The role of an athletic trainer has been a much-discussed topic in recent weeks with Denny Kellington’s heroic efforts on live television. We’re not athletes in the traditional sense, but Work Right’s role in the industrial setting means we need to be PREPARED for similar rapid responses with industrial athletes. Tackle some CPR basics with us in this week’s Digest!

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 5

February is American Heart Month! To ensure our hearts are staying healthy, Work Right drives home the the topic of blood pressure and its importance to the rest of our body’s engine.

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 4

Each month, the IA Digest will dive into a different body part and provide you with an exhaustive look at stretches, exercises, and preventative tips and tricks to keep you from an injury. Before January ends, take a look at what might save you from those literal pains in your neck!

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 3

As industrial athletes, hydration is especially important for the demands of your job. Is water the only solution for hydration? Check out some alternatives in this week’s installment of the Industrial Athlete Digest.

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 2

Food is fuel to get through the workday. For the industrial athlete, more fuel may be necessary to meet the demands of the job. This week, we take a look at a different approach to food that helps you listen to your body’s hunger and fullness signals.

Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 1

Many of us may have diet-related resolutions front-of-mind to begin the new year. Where does snacking fit in to healthier food choices? As the IA Digest focuses on the topic of nutrition this month, take a look at how you can snack RIGHT!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 51

Check out your favorite topics from the past year before we jump into a new year with new topics and new themes in 2023.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 50

The holiday season is a perfect time to remember how we feel when we give. Giving has great benefits to physical and mental health. Read on for what giving can mean for you and those around you!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 49

It’s time for the hap-hap-iest Christmas season – and Work Right wants to make sure you’re ready for an injury-free holiday. As you put the final touches on your decorations, we take a look at the Christmas classic, Christmas Vacation, to educate you on what not to do in your preparations.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 48

With the holidays, so also comes a time of heightened preparation and expectation attached to the busy schedules surrounding us. How can we cope with so many friends’ and families’ emotions (much less our own)?

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 47

With the end of the year in sight, your holiday schedule likely has lots of get-togethers still to go even with Thanksgiving in the rear-view mirror. Prepare for these big celebrations and big meals by squeezing in a short post-meal walk. You might be surprised what a 2 minute walk can do for your health!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 46

Many of us may have diet-related resolutions front-of-mind to begin the new year. Where does snacking fit in to healthier food choices? As the IA Digest focuses on the topic of nutrition this month, take a look at how you can snack RIGHT!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 45

This week’s topic for the Industrial Athlete focuses on another health issue in connection to Men’s Health Awareness Month. Back pain? These issues could be stemming from something you have on you at all times – your wallet!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 44

With November in full swing, how many are participating in a No Shave November initiative? Did you know this campaign is meant to raise awareness about men’s health issues? Click on the image to read, download, and learn more.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 43

Did you survive the sugar rush of Halloween? Or are you sugar crashing hard in the middle of the week? Work Right tackles the topic to ask, “How much sugar is in your favorite candy?” Short answer – it’s a lot.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 42

Work Right adds the purr-fect addition to the middle of your week with some tips on how to use your PREPARED knowledge to reduce the risk of injuries at home with your faithful feline companions.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 41

We all know smoking is bad for our overall health. But how does it affect our risk for injury? And what can we do to prevent the risk?

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 40

We previously discussed how an industrial athlete can stay PREPARED with stretching during pregnancy, but what about after? Postpartum recovery and return to activity is not an easy process. Take a look at these tips to keep you set for success and injury-free.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 39

Now that the calendar has changed to fall, the new season brings new activities. For many, hunting season has started or will be starting soon. Set yourself up for a safe adventure and a healthy return to work with these tips!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 38

Let’s face it. We all could do with some improvements to our diet. You might be able to easily identify some good and bad food choices, but let’s dissect that a little further this week with some tips on processed and ultra-processed foods.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 37

Work Right is back with a brand new edition in the Cost of Injury Series. We round out the top five injured body parts with the foot. Make sure you read all the way through to find resources for the RIGHT fit for shoe insoles!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 36

With some alarming statistics about the increased risk of suicide among industrial athletes, Work Right NW brings suicide prevention awareness to the forefront in this week’s newsletter. Find out what you can do to navigate this sensitive issue.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 35

With some alarming statistics about the increased risk of suicide among industrial athletes, Work Right NW brings suicide prevention awareness to the forefront in this week’s newsletter. Find out what you can do to navigate this sensitive issue.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 34

Did you know that blood supply in the U.S. is at its lowest level in over a decade? Because of the pandemic, blood donations have declined as much as 10%. Are you doing your ‘once-a-year’ part?

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 33

It can’t be coincidence that National Dog Day occurs during National Wellness Month. So Work Right is bringing all the best canine-inspired wellness education to you this week.

How familiar are you with the health benefits of dog ownership?

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 32

As industrial athletes, we keep our bodies PREPARED to perform our job tasks. How does that change with pregnancy? With so many changes occurring over the course of 40 weeks, what can you do to stay PREPARED? Check out these stretches for all stages of pregnancy.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 31

It’s all in the wrist this week from Work Right NW.
Our Cost of Injury series continues with this frequently injured body part. In particular, check out prevention strategies associated with the very common carpal tunnel syndrome!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 30

Do you know how to effectively manage a musculoskeletal issue that results in the best care for an industrial worker? This week’s newsletter breaks down questions to ask yourself if discomfort is affecting the way you perform your job and how the Work Right clinician is here to help!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 29

Anyone tackling a move prior to the fall and a new school year? While packing and moving provides a new adventure with its own excitement, it also tends to be hard on your body. Save your back and check out some pointers to make your move a success!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 28

How’s your balance? We’ve got a quick test for you in this week’s newsletter. It only takes 10 seconds! And of course we have some tips on how to improve your results.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 27

Work Right NW has a new installment in The Cost of Injury series in this week’s newsletter. Check out this month’s spotlight on the knee and keep your body PREPARED to prevent injuries like these!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 26

The dog days of summer are here! The risk of heat-related illness is especially high among the occupations of industrial athletes. Check out our latest newsletter on how to deal with heat stroke.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 25

The countdown to your July 4th celebration has begun! Is your grilling station ready? Are you PREPARED to stay injury-free while cooking for your guests? Work Right’s Aaron Weidman takes us through potential hazards in this week’s newsletter.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 24

Bzzz! With summer in full bloom, the bees are sure to bee about. Don’t wait to get stung before learning what you should and shouldn’t do with a bee sting. Check out all the buzz below!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 23

At Work Right, our goal is to keep you working and prevent injuries. Last month we covered the costs associated with shoulder injuries. This month, we do the same with one of the most expensive types of body injuries in the workplace – the back.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 22

Work Right NW works tirelessly to make sure you’re prepared to prevent ANY possible injury – and this includes dinosaur attacks! With dinosaurs headed back to theaters this week, take a look at some tips and tricks to stay safe in case you have the unfortunate luck of coming across one of these terrible lizards.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 21

The American Society of Safety Professionals Annual Conference is just around the corner. To prepare, we sat down with one of the conference presenters – Work Right’s own, Nic Patee.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 20

Experienced an achy and stiff joint pain in your day-to-day activities? There are several types of arthritic inflammation and several other conditions that can be confused with arthritis. Take a look at some common types of arthritis and some differential diagnoses in this week’s newsletter.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 19

With a little practice, anyone can learn to activate parts of their brain by using activities and strategies meant to change or regulate our state of being. In other words, we can learn how to control our brains for better mental health! Check out some recommendations from Work Right in this week’s newsletter.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 18

These days, the world seems to find new ways to spark new worries or concerns on a daily basis. These challenges force us to make decisions and changes for ourselves and our families. It’s been exhausting on so many levels!
This feeling of constant, extreme change is called change fatigue. What does this feeling look like? And what can we do to change things up in a positive way?

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 17

At Work Right, our goal is to keep you working and prevent injuries. Aside from the inconveniences that come with shoulder pain, injuries are expensive! Let’s break down the expense of common shoulder injuries to give you some perspective.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 16

Although a seizure can be alarming to see, you can do your part by familiarizing yourself with the warning signs and symptoms. Work Right is here to help give you the basics on seizures, what they look like, and what you can do to help prevent an injury during one.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 15

Work Right NW likes to focus on the importance of ergonomics in the workplace, especially at workstations, tables, or desks. But, what about those who work with heavy machinery while sitting down? Check out some tips on ensuring good ergonomic practice while operating a forklift.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 14

Let’s face it. Sometimes our harshest critic is ourselves! Take a look at how you can take some simple steps to learn and practice self-compassion in your daily routine.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 13

Sports hernias are pretty common in the sports population, but they are commonly found within the industrial setting as well. We’ll go over the definition of a sports hernia, what causes them, and how to prevent them.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 12

Before March draws to a close, we’d be remiss to not highlight it has been National Caffeine Awareness month! What is it about this particular stimulant, and how can we use it to our advantage?

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 11

Work Right jumps into Spring as we celebrate Nutrition Awareness in this week’s newsletter. Check out a few quick and healthy recipes to fuel your workday and make a nutritious meal from home even easier!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 10

How is everyone adjusting to the lost hour this past weekend from Daylight-Saving Time? Our bodies will adjust in the next few days, but are you setting yourself up for the best sleep success as you recover?

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 9

VACATION!!! It’s one of the things we look forward to most. For many on the eve of Spring Break, it’s a welcome sight not seen in a year or two. The last thing you need is an injury to set a trip spiraling. If you’re PREPARED, however, you can avoid this situation. Check out some tips to set yourself up for success.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 8

How are the New Year’s Resolutions paying off as the calendar turns to March? Consistency is paramount in forming new habits and especially key for gym goals. Check out a few tips to set up new and advanced gym goers for long-term success.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 7

During the winter season no one likes to be cold and that’s why utilizing a good pre-activity warmup keeps us warm and gets us PREPARED!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 6

During the winter season no one likes to be cold and that’s why utilizing a good pre-activity warmup keeps us warm and gets us PREPARED!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 5

As we approach the big football game this weekend, we’ve devised a checklist to get PREPARED for injury prevention – even if you’re just watching for the commercials and the halftime show! Make sure you are checking off each letter to ensure the event goes just right.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 4

The first part of the year is one of the busiest times of the year in a gym, and a busy gym can be intimidating! Try these tips to make your trip less overwhelming, more productive and eventually, a consistent part of your routine.

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 3

With New Year’s resolutions still taking effect to begin 2022, we take a look at a popular one – losing weight to become healthier. But what is a healthy weight? And should your weight really be the focus of your journey to better health?

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 2

Last week, we learned about diaphragmatic breathing. This week, we improve on that same theme to further relax, decrease stress and improve sleep with Progressive Muscular Relaxation. Big terms – but we promise the techniques are simple and the results are great!

Newsletter Vol. 8 Issue 1

Has the new year hit you with a hard dose of reality? Learn how to enhance your rest and recuperation through diaphragmatic breathing in this week’s newsletter.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 51

With winter weather comes the draw to making snowmen. Staying safe at home is just as important as on-the-job safety. So, we put together some tips for you!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 50

At Work Right, our concern for safety doesn’t end in the workplace. With Christmas upon us this week, our team of injury prevention specialists in Illinois take a look at a few Home Alone incidents that could have been avoided had the characters taken a moment to review their hazards.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 49

At Work Right, our concern for safety doesn’t end in the workplace. With Christmas upon us this week, our team of injury prevention specialists in Illinois take a look at a few Home Alone incidents that could have been avoided had the characters taken a moment to review their hazards.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 48

We’re upon National Hand Washing Awareness Week. So, let’s refresh our hand washing skills and LATHER, RINSE, and REPEAT. Check out these tips to think about while you’re washing!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 47

We’ve reached the end of No Shave November and all that’s left is to get rid of those itchy whiskers. Check out these injury tips for shaving from Work Right’s own, Omar Fercha, so you stay PREPARED!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 46

‘Tis the season for giving, but maybe we should be focusing on giving ALL year. Why? Because it’s good for our health! Click on the image below to read, download, and learn the health benefits of giving.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 45

Aside from the obvious advantage that hiking is a great source of exercise and activity, we bet you didn’t realize what other gems of benefits come from hiking.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 44

Accommodating your schedule to daylight saving time can take days or even weeks. We can change how we prepare for it , though, and how we adapt to it. Try out these tips as you ease into the new time change.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 43

November is a time to reflect and give thanks to those who help us and make an impact in our lives. Work Right NW is especially thankful to the Industrial Athlete.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 42

Work Right proactively seeks opportunities to educate and empower as many employees as possible to make positive shifts in their work practices and their coaching. But how do we do that, you ask?

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 41

Need some tips on supporting an exoskeleton study at your site? Work Right’s got you!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 40

Improper desk ergonomics are a risk factor for a variety of aches and pains – none of which are desirable. So, we’ve created a short and quick checklist to follow.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 39

October is National Ergonomics Month. We recognize the importance of ergonomics in the workplace for many reasons but especially for its injury prevention superpower!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 38

Unlike NFL athletes, the industrial athlete has NO offseason. YOU can utilize the tips and techniques the Pros use to keep their bodies in tip top form.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 37

Our previous newsletter broke down what normal levels of cholesterol look like in the body. But what do we do if our cholesterol levels are too high? Read below for helpful tips on managing high cholesterol.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 36

We often hear about cholesterol in a negative light which begs the question of how important it is.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 35

Resistance training is often misunderstood. To put some myths to rest, here are 3 that we think are important to bring to light.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 34

Is your job at the wheel? Use any breaks you can to squeeze in a microstretch!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 33

Whether you’re sitting at a desk or in the cab or a truck all day, positioning matters!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 32

Dieting is not only about what foods we add or eliminate.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 31

While having a strong and stable shoulder as well as a consistent resistance training program is the ultimate prevention for injury, there are also some key principles to pay attention to during everyday tasks.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 30

It’s National Eye Exam Month! Learn all you need to know about choosing the right sunglasses to prevent eye disorders.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 29

What does ego have to do with workplace wellness and safety? Find out!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 28

Ever find yourself traveling back in your mind to places you love or times you enjoyed?

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 27

Suicide rates are high in the industrial setting. Do you know how you can help prevent it?

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 26

Why is being a Workaholic a problem? Find out in this week’s newsletter.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 25

Who doesn’t look forward to those fun summer holidays?
But be cautious! Stay focused at work to prevent avoidable incidents and injuries.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 24

Did you know your body gets hydration from sources other than water?

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 23

Is it muscle or is it internal? Abdominal pain can be confusing, but we’re here to show you how you can tell if it’s muscle or something else.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 22

High temperatures means increased risk of heat illness. Find out ways you can prevent it for yourself.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 21

Summer days are just around the corner! Cut down on sun exposure by the clothes you wear.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 20

Do you enjoy riding your bike or are thinking about taking up biking? Make sure your bike is the RIGHT fit for you!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 19

It’s National Foam Rolling Day! Grab a foam roller and follow these tips for some muscle relief.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 18

Happy Safety Week! There’s no off season for the industrial athlete, so this week we discuss the importance of a self care routine.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 17

Have you ever heard of interval training? It incorporates high intensity movement followed by low intensity movement (or rest). Learn the benefits of taking a rest.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 16

What is the correlation between stretching and strengthening?

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 15

It’s week 2 of Move More Month, so let’s talk about the benefits of and how to do strengthening!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 14

April is Move More Month!
We’re giving you some great ways to get yourself moving more. This week, we’re talking about walking!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 13

Diabetes is a common disease and is a significant risk factor for many health issues.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 12

WRNW Medical Director Dr. Caleb Patee discusses the COVID-19 vaccines and answers common questions.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 11

It’s Sleep Awareness Week! We’ve got some great tips on how to prioritize sleep in your daily life.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 10

We’re highlighting women in this week’s newsletter. Not just any woman, but women in the industrial workplace!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 9

Obesity is preventable!  And we’re all about prevention.
World Obesity Day occurs annually on March 4th.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 8

Got a pain in your back? Try yoga!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 7

Ready to go on a “date” with yoga?

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 6

Believe it or not, you put yourself in yoga poses all the time! Read on to find out more!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 5

February is National Heart Month and do you know what your heart loves? YOGA!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 4

As we continue this mindful month of January, we asked Melissa Parnell to share some quick tips on ways to help anxiety or stress.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 3

We asked Elliott Waksman, director of Portland Sport Psychology, for some advice.

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 2

Athletic Trainer and Injury Prevention Specialist Ann Meiners guests writes this week’s newsletter focusing on mind body wellness and meditation. Learn how you can begin meditating today!

Newsletter Vol. 7 Issue 1

What’s your New Year’s Resolution going to be?

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