Move MORE Month
April celebrates “Move More Month”, which is music to our ears! For further proof, check out our Tik Tok posts this month. April 7th (or the first Wednesday in April) is also marked “National Walking Day“. Is it a coincidence that it falls within “move more month”? Maybe? But it’s also very convenient when our content team gets together to decide what aspect of moving we should focus on for the week. So, let’s get going, or moving, with walking!

To walk, is human. Literally. We were designed to do it-and designed to do A LOT of it. Within the animal species, we are the slowest runners, the worst swimmers, and flying…not happening naturally. As humans, we needed the ability as primitive hunters and nomads to be able to walk long distances. It is built into our survival. Walking is also necessary for any job in the industrial setting. We rely on the ability to get around on our 2 feet. If that is not convincing enough to get out and do more walking, take a look at these nuggets of motivation:

  1. Curb Cravings In 15 Min: Wouldn’t it be nice if all it took to pause a craving was to get out and walk? As luck might have it, all it takes is a 15 minute walk to curb a craving for your chocolate sweet tooth. No need to hide all the sweets in the household anymore. Just walk away-literally!
  2. Save Those Sick Days: Want more sick days in your PTO “bank”?? A study found that individuals that walked 20 minutes per day, 5 days per week reported taking only 1/2 of the sick days than those who only exercised 1 day or less.
  3. Walk Off Arthritis: Raise of hands for those excited about creaky knees in our old age? Not excited? Well, walking actually protects the joints, particularly in the hips and knees which are most prone to developing osteoarthritis. When we walk, it puts pressure through the joint and lubricates them. Walking also helps to strengthen the bones and muscles that surround the joints. Studies have found that walking 5-6 miles a week can prevent the development of osteoarthritis altogether.

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