by Sam Grimm, ATC

Have you been experiencing unexplained low back discomfort? Maybe it is time to get rid of that big bulky wallet you carry around in your back pocket! Many men carry around large wallets in their back pocket, and studies have shown that this can lead to low back and glute discomfort. Sitting on a wallet causes an asymmetrical sitting surface placing more pressure on one glute. This asymmetry can lead to glute discomfort, but also has been shown to cause rotations in the pelvis and lumbar spine that lead to low back pain.


Luckily, the fix for this discomfort is an easy one!

– When sitting, take your wallet out of your back pocket, especially when sitting for long periods of time.

Replace your wallet for a phone case that has a built in wallet, or purchase a smaller wallet that can easily fit in your front pocket.

– Fanny packs, backpacks, briefcases, satchels, man-purses or murses are a great way to carry those wallets, reduce your back discomfort and are fashionable.


If you are experiencing low back discomfort, get up and get moving! Motion is lotion; the more you move, the more blood flows to your muscles and joints which will help reduce those aches and pains.

Exercise programs that include muscular strengthening, flexibility, and cardio are proven ways to reduce low back pain.

Creating and performing exercise programs may sound daunting and time consuming, but here are three ways to break up your day with some movement:

  1. If you are stuck at a desk working all day, take small breaks every 30 minutes to stand up, go for a small walk or stretch. Ergo desks that raise up and down are another way to not stay seated all day long.
  2. Don’t sit on the couch all-day binge-watching football on the weekends. Prop up a yoga video on your phone and perform it while you watch tv.
  3. Get your friends and family involved and go for a post-dinner walk.

Sam Grimm, ATC || Sam graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelor’s degree in Human Physiology and Baylor University with a Master’s of Athletic Training degree. He began working as an Injury Prevention Specialist in the industrial setting with Work Right NW in June of 2021. Apart from work, you’ll find Sam at the gym, rock climbing, slack-lining, or shredding the gnar on the slopes.

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