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About Desk Work...!

While a perfect desk set up won’t solve all of your problems, it can be a major contributor to repetitive stress on the neck and muscles of the upper back. Holding your neck or shoulders in awkward positions for long periods of time produces an irregular strain on those tissues.

What this assessment will help you with:


A great ergonomic set up at your desk or workstation decreases risk of sprains and strains from repetitive tasks.


A proper set up will allow you to work more comfortably, eliminating the pesky aches and pains that can decrease focus and productivity.


A desk athlete can be healthy too! All it takes are good work practices to appropriately break up your day and keep you moving and active.

Desk Set Up and Wellness Guide
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It Hurts!
What to do

MOVE! Strength is the best way we can prevent the onset of pain as well as overcome injuries. Click on the image above to follow these recommended stretches and exercises.

Click on the link above to watch our video for helpful tips on ergo set up and stretching while at the desk.

Moving is the best thing we can do for our bodies! Click on the image above to try out our 15 min recommended routine.