If your answer is “no”, you may be surprised. Yoga has numerous benefits to health and is linked to low back injury prevention, heart health, and strength. Even if you don’t find yourself a “yoga” fan, you may still find yourself in a yoga pose during your work day.

While we know that #strongisneverwrong, there are various ways to strengthen. We may choose different ways to do this just as any athlete would. For example, take the strength routines of star quarterbacks Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. Both are superior athletes. Both strengthen for performance. What differs is HOW they strengthen.

Do you have to do yoga to strengthen? No. But, ALL industrial athletes would benefit from it. We like it so much we designed a yoga routine for the industrial athlete meant to be used as a pre shift warm up but can also be used to wind down from the day. Want the full report, download our weekly newsletter!